Friday, 27 January 2012

Intrigue for the eyes in Chiang Mai

And now playing fast and loose with chronology I will bring you some of the top stuff we saw mooching around Chiang Mai for the day. Tales of Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam will follow at some point.

Scrapbooking Interlude

It has been quite some time since I updated you with news of our travels and i'm afraid i'm not going to attempt to retrace over one month and 3 countries worth of movement just yet. Instead i'm going to fill a gap until I have the time and inclination to play catch up with some well chosen pictures. This time round why don't you enjoy some of mine and Natalie's scrapbooks, starting with selected pages from mine covering Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

 And a few of Nat's too.....................................................................................................

Sunday, 15 January 2012

And a Happy New Year!

We ventured to the mountains of Pai in the North of Thailand to see in New Year with Sunny and Jim (a couple of friends from back home now situated in Melbourne, Australia with the rest of Manchester). Pai is a beautiful town which I will tell more of later from our second trip there after the lads had left. With this being New Year the night consisted of much jovialty and a bit of debauchery, ending with Sunny and Jimmy helping clean a bar at 9am and us sitting round a table of Thai's struggling to communicate much before finding a swimming pool to cool off in. Highlights were letting off lanterns and watching them disappear into the night sky (or into a nearby tree in Jimmy's case) and crashing an open mic session at a hippy commune and clearing the place out with some bastardised grime/2 step music featuring me on drums and Jimmy and Sunny grabbing the mics. It is a massive shame that we didn't actually film this as we thought we had as i'm sure it would have made good viewing. "Tell Your Mum To Put The Kettle ON!